7 Things About Thunder Vpn Review Your Boss Wants To Know

Thunder Vpn's Speeds Are Fast Enough for Gaming? There are no

This VPN is not recommended for gamers whose connection speed is below average. I experienced nearly 50% drop in my internet speed on all servers that I tried. If, however, you have a high bandwidth connection then you should have no problem with gaming or streaming in HD using Thunder VPN because download speeds as little as 4Mbps can do the job.

Server Network can fail you Sometimes Thunder VPN's Free version is limited to 8 countries, including France, Canada and Germany. It also has servers in the Netherlands and Singapore. The United States, which are split into Eastern or Western servers, have a smaller server network.

With the addition of 10 additional countries to the server, VIP is an enhancement. Australia, Ireland, Spain and Italy are among the new countries. The coverage in Asia is a major boost because previously, they have been criticized for being Euro-centric.

Thunder VPN's free version has servers in 8 countries As a rule of thumb, being closer to servers provided by a VPN provider offers you a better experience with their service as long as the server space is not overburdened by many users. Thunder VPN has limited servers and a lot of registered users. As such, it can sometimes be slow.

It's done an excellent job by including a signal monitor that displays the strength of all countries' servers and then automatically connects users to the server with the highest optimization server, based upon their location. Sometimes you might not see a green signal at all, which means that occasionally the server network can be slow.

The ping rate and download speed of city-optimized servers are not available to assist you in choosing the best intercity server. The only country where they have made small efforts to create area-based servers is the US, where they have East, West, and South servers.

Another commendable feature of the app is that you can instantly switch between servers without getting disconnected from the VPN, as Is Thunder Vpn Safe it happens with most VPNs. The app is very fast and can change servers in a matter of seconds, which I find impressive.

Thunder Vpn Works in China No

Thunder VPN doesn't use opaque servers that can be bypassed by China's tightcensorship. VPNs can't be identified by network networks using opaque servers. They're most commonly found in VPNs running Open. VPN protocol.

Thunder VPN is not possible in China if the SSL protocol is used. The Great China Firewall showed me their URL and it was not blocked. Their support team isn't available to help me with this problem so I'll do what I know.

Can Thunder Vpn Unblock Netflix?

No. Thunder VPN will not allow you to access US-exclusive content.

Take a look at the streaming videos on Netflix and another site.

Will Thunder Vpn Slow My Speeds Down?

You may experience a half-inch drop in speed. You will experience slower speeds because there are less servers in the free version than with the paid one.

Thunder Vpn Test Resultsimage

Thunder VPN, an Android-based app service, is slow and leaves security holes and privacy gaps due to their logging policies. Old tunneling protocol. No kill switch function. Data encryption is not secure. Doesn't unblock any streaming service. It is free service but it might cost your privacy!

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Thunder VPN has 5+ million Google Play store downloads. However, is this enough to make Thunder VPN so popular?

Thunder VPN is a service I review. It will be reviewed in detail and answered some questions. Does it have secure encryption? Can it block Netflix or torrenting? Should you rely on it for privacy or security?

Here's what this primarily-free tool has to offer.

Does Thunder Vpn Keep Logs?

Thunder VPN offers one of most short legal documents we've seen. Both the Privacy Policy and Usage Policy can be found in one Terms of Service. You may believe you're protected if you go through the Privacy Policy section.

"We respect your privacy. We do not record or log browsing activities or traffic data of individual users connecting to our VPN." However, you should never stop believing what you are hearing, such as "no logging". Learn more.

"When you register on the site, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including your billing and e-mail address and payment information." You cannot register on the site, and you don't need to provide any information when installing the Thunder VPN Android app. Next the legal document tells you that your personal data can be accessed and modified by logging in to the Site.

This isn't all. This is just the beginning. Here is what sensitive data they can collect from you when the app is used:

IP address

Internet Service Provider

OS version